Raffles Institution - Smile for The Cleaners


Cleaners were not appreciated enough for their effort


1.Holding a cleanliness competition for the classrooms.

2.Putting up posters around the school campus to increase awareness of school cleaners


We are implementing a solution to help to solve this problem and try to raise awareness for and increase the appreciation for the contributions and works of the cleaners in our school. Firstly, we plan to put up profiles of some of the cleaners in the form of posters. Besides their age, we will also put in the cleaners’ pay. Some other posters would be simpler, just simply encouraging all, doesn’t matter whether student or staff, to smile for the cleaners. We felt that these posters would be effective especially for the students, as most of the cleaners are as old as their parents. Hence the students can picture their parents in the cleaner’s place, hunched over, sweeping the floor, constantly being ignored. This will encourage students to sympathize with the cleaners, and hence appreciating their efforts and making life easier for them.


Clementi Primary School - Handling PSLE pressure


We feel that our school is underachieving in terms of PSLE academic results, and the main reason for that is that our P6 pupils are not diligent enough when it comes to studies.  We analysed the problem for its root causes and we all agreed that the slacking behaviour of P6 pupils are directed by their poor attitudes towards studies, and that could in turn be caused by low self-esteem or adverse situations at home or in school.


We thought of giving motivational talks and setting up some booths during recess to promote good learning attitudes.  Some of the activities at these booths can include designing a revision template or personal timetable.  We also thought of presenting a song that will inspire pupils to work hard.  Other ideas include making bookmarks with motivational quotes for P6 students.


We decided on first giving a motivational talk to convince our P6 pupils on WHY they should change their attitude.  We decided to collaborate with our Principal who would be giving a pep talk to our P6s before their Prelim exams.  We met up with her on 26 July and showed her the motivational powerpoint we prepared.  Two days later, we got a few eloquent classmates to present the slides to the P6s after which our Principal took over and reinforced our message.  The following week, we gave another presentation on HOW the P6s could change their attitude.  That included tips on how revision should be done.  Then we collected well wishes from pupils of other levels to encourage our P6s.  The well wishes were typed out on powerpoint and screened on the two broadcasting TVs in our school all day.  We also consulted our School Counsellor and gave all P6s a mini booklet on mental health issues such as stress management.


Global Indian International School - Hail,CABtain!


* Fun filled day ends with a long wait for taxi.

* Shopping centre visit & wait with heavy bags.

* Dad has urgent appointment and taxis don’t stop.

* An overseas trip begins with an anxious taxi wait.

The common problem: “Not getting taxis when needed”


* Reasons: Is it due to lack of knowledge about taxi hailing procedure?

* Are we waiting at the wrong places?

* Can we interview the passengers?

* Interview taxis drivers?

* Complain to authorities if service is bad?

* How about this positive approach?

Educate and Appreciate!


Our solution

* Made posters and presented in assembly to educate students.

* Designed the info card & Thank you note.

* All the primary and K2 students coloured the ‘Thank you cards’.

* We laminated, cut, punched a hole, tied strings – The beautiful cards for cabbies were ready!

* Distributed to the students- around 800 cards in all . Teachers & staff  joined us too. They spread the word to their friends and relatives. We gave the cards to school guests and also asked GIIS East Coast and Queenstown friends to spread the message.

* Taxi drivers received the cards with great joy. Some even offered discounts to children. An announcement was done in the assembly not to accept discounts. We just want to appreciate them!


Raffles Institution - Promoting Social Graciousness in Trains


The problem that we were trying to change was that the people of our society are not willing to give up the priority seats to the needy


The first idea that we had was to seclude a cabin in every MRT for the needy. However, we thought that this was not very feasible so we went on to come up with out final idea to work with SMRT to award those that give up their seats to encourage such considerate behavior


See how we attempted to solve this problem


Bukit Panjang Primary - Endangered Sharks


We wanted to reduce the number of people killing sharks for their fin


Facebook page and a short video


We did a powerpoint slide about sharks. After that we decided not to eat shark’s fin soup as it is tasteless and cruel. We have learn that sharks are actually harmless. They actually do not want to eat us but mistook us as their favourite foods.