Design for Change School Challenge 2012 - Winning Schools in Singapore

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Design for Change School Challenge 2011 - Winning Schools in Singapore

Experiential Prizes

SoCh has followed the practice of rewarding the children with prizes in the form of experiences or learning’s that they would cherish for a long time.   The ‘material’ gifts may have a bigger ‘WOW’ factor but contribute little in overall child’s development.  Experiential prizes, on the other hand, pay off in its own way for many years in the future.  At SoCh we carefully select prizes that would provide them avenues of service learning or educational workshops that would empower them.

Category: Boldest idea: Potential to look at an existing problem from a fresh perspective

Winner: Greendale Secondary

Project: iPulley is for Life

The 14year olds attempted to improve the lifestyle of the elderly, who are likely to experience various health related problems. They created a prototype of an equipment to facilitate a convenient exercise workout.

A visit to St Lukes Elder Home to see who they spend their time and exercise to keep themselves active.  They found that one of equipment used for hand exercise had potential to be improved in design as it was too bulky.  They designed iPulley that was safe, convenient and mobile and can be used anywhere. So they could use it at home too.  The equipment was tested by 15 elderly and received positive response.

Prize: Microfinance vouchers SGD 500 sponsored by Philip Securities

To extend their learning in social change, children would learn how micro-lending can help the needy communities.  They could lend online through Milaap website ( ), a peer to peer lending platform.

Category: Most people impacted : Potential to benefit a large number of people

Winner: St Hilda’s Secondary

Project: Glaucoma Awareness

To raise awareness that glaucoma exists not only in the old, but also among young people therefore to change the way people treat them.

The students (13-14yrs) made an obstacle course where the player went through the course blindfolded, to experience the trauma of having loss of sight. They shared information on glaucoma with fellow students.  Several games were designed to experience the difficulties patients of this disease like going through an obstacle course with chairs and tables blindfolded.      332 students attended the activities.

Prize: Presentation skills workshop by Peak Paradigm

The trainer uses interesting techniques as part of the workshop.  To extend their learning and gain presentation skills that will be useful in year ahead.

Category: Quickest impact: Potential to effect significant change in ONE WEEK.

Winner: Sembawang Primary

Project: Rubbish to Rubbish bins

The team of 10yr olds came up with a creative idea to address littering problem in the classroom.  To kill two birds with 1 stone, they recycled the plastic bottle into attractive rubbish bins so that the pupils can throw their litter in the portable plastic rubbish bins

Prize: Kids Invent Workshop for 5 team members @SGD 208 each sponsored by Kids Invent Singapore

Innovation based kids learning activities that stimulate the creative interests and abilities of children ages 7 – 15.

Category: Most Environmentally Friendly: Potential to effect change that benefits the environment

Winners: A tie between GIIS East Coast & Raffles Institution

GIIS East Coast : Project Save Energy

Students 12-13yrs felt that energy efficiency is the easiest way to reduce green house gas emissions at home & office.  They did several activities during the week: energy monitors, spread awareness in school and in the neighborhood through house visits; organized a Greenathorn.  They created awareness among our 1200 schoolmates and 2000 parents, 80 teachers & staff, 50 neighborhood homes, 40 community members and school children from Bedok Green Primary School who took part in the ‘Greenathon’  on their sports day.

Raffles Institution: Recycling in School

The team felt that most students feel that an incentive was needed to be encouraged to recycle. But a better method would be to instill recycling into the unconscious of the students. A survey result from 116 students and took action like making recycling bins come conveniently located so it becomes easier for students and reinforce the act of recycling through social network platform FaceBook.

Prize: Professional Vegetarian Cooking class sponsored by Palate Sensation & Chef Shalu

A more vegetarian based diet can not only improve health but can address some climate change related issues.  Kids will learn how to cook a healthy & tasty vegetarian meal with Chef Shalu.

Category: Easiest to Replicate: Potential for it being a viral change with minimal effort

Winners: A tie between GIIS Balestier and Anchor Green Primary

GIIS Balestier : Why the loneliness?

To bring a smile on the faces of all those lonely hearts residing in the old age home was to celebrate their birthdays by giving them hand-made birthday cards. Students also prepared at a short cultural show would cheer them up.

At Tai Pei Old People's Home these (9-10yr olds)  celebrated the birthdays of 4 inmates who were born in August by giving them birthday cards and singing the birthday song in English as well as in Mandarin. They gave cards to all the other inmates that read “We care for you”. Again special care was taken to ensure that the script was in Mandarin so that they would be able to understand what was written in the card. Later the team shared their enriching experience with the entire primary school to inspire many to better understand & show love towards the elderly.

Anchor Green – Tutoring Pupil 1

10 year old children took the challenge of tutoring Primary1 students to help them improve their grades and social skills. In a term they managed to tutor 50 students.  They tutored them everyday for 30 minutes for one month.  This will be an ongoing project in the school now.

Impact: We noticed that these P1s became happier; they looked forward to each session in the morning. How did they feel:  We have a taste of how teaching is like, and we now know it is not easy! Now we can understand how our teachers feel when we did not pay attention in class and we slaute them for their efforts and dedication.

Prize: A day trip to Zenxin Organic farm in Malaysia Sponsored by Zenxin Organics

The students would learn the knowledge of veggie and bugs plus the way to protect veggie without any pesticide.

Gandhian Award : This solution represents the values of Gandhi. It either serves the least served section of society, promotes self-reliance, has humility, or embodies "one-ness"

Winners: A tie between Raffles Institution & CommonWealth Secondary

Raffles Institution: Smile for the Cleaners

To make studnets and teachers appreciate & show compassion towards the cleaners in their school.  A survey revleied how lstudnets & teahers know very little about their cleaners and how little they earn for all the hardwork they put up during 6days a week work.  They put posters on cleaner’s profile ; some information was an eye-opener for the everyone like they earner only $600 a month.  By doing so, we were able to change the minds of 450 year 2 students and made them appreciate the cleaners’ efforts more.

CommonWealth Secondary : Helping Hands

To bring some sunshine and appreciation in the lives of elderly who live by themselves in elderly homes.

To bring a sense of worthiness in the lives of the 40 lonely elderly at St Luke’s Home. They made 5 trips to carry out our activities and spent about 3 hours every time we went there. The activities included teaching them basic origami skills to exercise their hand muscles, basic therapeutic skills and baking cupcakes to enable them to pick up an interesting hobby when they are bored.

This project allowed them to not to take their own grandparents for granted as they learnt that the elderly need constant care and appreciation in their twilight years.

Prize: Microsoft designed a special prize : Be whats’ next Prize that would allow students to spend a day at their Microsoft office to learn & get inspired by the success stroies by Microsoft professional.

Tools for Change Prize : A special category announced by Microsoft for the team that used Microsoft software to submit their final entrires for DFC School Challenege.  Winner: Clementi Primary, project Plastics Vs Planet for creatively using features of  Microsoft Powerpoint in their presentation.  The school received an Xbox Kinect kit for children to have some ‘fun’ expericence in school.